Parking Management
Heartland specializes in management of: Airports, Arena Parking, Hotels, Hospitals, Municipalities, Office/Retail Parking, On and Off street Collections and Enforcement, Special Event Parking, Stadium Parking, and University Parking. Heartland offers many other services, listed on our service page, to meet your needs.
Parking Equipment
Heartland Parking has a subsidiary company (Security Parking System) that provides parking equipment for new installations, replacing old equipment, or repairing your current equipment. Heartland has access to wide variety of new and hard to find parts for parking equipment and related item. For more information see the equipment tab at the top of the page.
Heartland Parking prides itself on being able to provide numerous facets of parking operations. Our industry leading systems include revenue collection, auditing, cost control, employee training and monitoring, equipment maintenance and upgrade, customer relations, marketing, negotiation, planning, development, and computerized parking control.
Customer Service
Heartland Parking strives to be second to none in customer service. Heartland places great emphasis on providing the public with the best possible service at all times. Heartland insures this by putting every employee through a program called “Think Twice Be Nice”. Every employee is required to greet all customers coming in and out of our parking facilities. We also equip our staff with knowledge of all local activities and locations to better help customers find their way.
Customer Amenities
Heartland Parking provides several different customer amenities. These include: washing windshields, handing out umbrellas and ice scrappers, providing escorts when needed, having customer appreciation days by serving coffee and doughnuts, helping customers with directions to local attractions.
Parking Maintenance
Heartland Parking offers services in the area of parking maintenance. These services include: sweeping of parking lots and parking garages, pressure washing, line striping, small concrete and blacktop hole repairs, crack filling, waterproof sealing, and inspecting of parking areas.
Building Maintenance
Heartland Parking provides maintenance services to several office buildings. These services include: minor plumbing, electrical, and carpentry duties. Along with furniture assemblies and furniture moves, small demolitions and removal, and other various items. Heartland can also provide assistance on any job that is needed.
Restoration Coordinator
Heartland Parking provides restoration coordination form concrete repairs to lighting replacement. Heartland will develop the specifications for the project, administered the RFP process, select the contractor, provide oversight, insure the specs are adhered to, administered quantity follow-up, document locations of all work, and provide reports to the owner.
Heartland Parking has over 160 years of experience in the parking business and provides consulting services in a wide range of service. Heartland can provide consulting for operations, cash handling, validations, maintenance, snow removal, auditing books, lighting, and all types of construction related projects.
Heartland Parking provides auditing services for any type of parking operation. Heartland has over 160 years of experience with cash handling, validation, banking, permit parking, and maintenance items. Heartland can provide third party input for your parking operations.
Snow Removal
Heartland Parking provides snow removal service for its clients and customers. Heartland has a fleet of trucks with snowplows and salt spreaders along with tractors with snow brushes. Snow removal is done on parking lots, parking decks, sidewalks and driveways. Along with snow removal, Heartland also provides salting of all areas as needed.
Lawn Service
Heartland Parking provides service in several different areas of landscaping. These areas include: mowing of grass, weed trimming, fertilizing areas as needed, removal of leaves, planting of flowers and bushes, watering of flowers, grass, etc.
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