Parking Equipment

entry-device-new-front-detail-3-300x251Security Parking Systems has been the equipment sales division of Heartland Parking since 1979. Security Parking has access to a wide variety of parking equipment and related items such as:

logo – Complete Parcs System – Software, Entry and Exit Devices, Cashier Terminals, Paystations, Valet Management, and Event Management
DoorKing – Software, Telephone Entry, Access Control, Gate Operators, Parking Controls, Intercoms, and Keypads
Parking Cones, Bollards, Caution Tape and many other related items
Park Ur Self – Cashierless units
Hamilton Auto Cashier – Change machines, Cashierless units, Token units
Latham Time – Time Clocks, and Ribbons
Par Kut – Parking booths
Porta King – Parking booths
Transcore – AVI card readers
Chamberlain Liftmaster – Radio access controls, Slide gates and Swing gates

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